appunti informali, on-going

Il progetto è una ricerca germinale sul proliferare spontaneo e anarchico di strutture, arredi e coperture che sfuggono alla pianificazione ordinaria. Il carattere di questi elementi, in provvisorio equilibrio, racconta la perdita di confine tra spazio privato e spazio pubblico.

The project is seminal research on the spontaneous and anarchic arrival in the urban landscape of buildings, areas and structures which escape ordinary planning. These structures are nor- mally linked to a momentary, ephemeral situation. Landescape follows on from the previous work, Autocostruito, in documenting the kind of self-built agricultural structures, the subject in the landscape, looking at evolution, points of reference and areas. The landscape shows traces of informal architecture and building that have escaped the city’s normal organisational bounds and show the loss of limits between public and private space.