short hair, 2009

short hair is a genderless digital space where I'm collecting thousand images of people with short haircuts. The notion of "genderless language" must not be confused with that of gender neutral language. short hair was born in June 2009 when I was looking for haircuts images to share my fetishist passion. In four years it had grown up and now has thousand followers form around the world. Since the 1960s, women started wearing their hair short. Perhaps not as short as men, but it was the first step. But we have since then took it to such a level that those women could never imagine. A short haircut has a strong reference to feminism theory, and of the idea of the modern woman: she is performing the roles that traditionally were limited to men, and having a male-inspired hair cut underlines this idea. short hair it's a contamination of photos, be sent all around world from Tumblr's followers and found material like 'photographs on social networks, advertisements, fashion magazines and screen shots of people". I would create an image world of multiple identities recognizability on a genderless style. The biological metaphor suggests that photography is not now - if it ever was - a disembodied, unmarked (white, male, female, ...) machine-mediated observation. It is an extension of the body, whose signature gesture is the young woman photographing herself using phone at arm's length. The interface between social network and the social is the self-image, which is called 'photograffiti', a mark made for and by the self as a claim to personhood. The practice of short hair relies on understanding and documenting gender style through direct engagement with people and their photos, to create a self-organization and self-published book, it does not just illustrate the art, it is the project art.

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